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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Since we hired Cornerstone LA to handle our campaign of pay per click as well as to create and manage our new Web site, the number of clients has increased 50% every month. Currently, there’s an average of two new clients a day that find us by Internet. We also receive congratulations for our Web site all the time. It really makes a difference to have someone who knows its stuff in charge of the Web site and marketing campaigns by Internet. Customer service is impeccable, they always answer in a few hours and they promptly take care of all requests.

Thank you Cornerstone for the excellent job you do!

Gaia Flow Yoga

I Rosa Avendaño, owner of the company Arrentavajilla, hereby state I hired the services of search engine visibility in Google with the company Cornerstone LA.

Since then I have had exceptional results as today about 70% of my clients come from the search engine visibility campaign in Google, which has put my business in a privileged position of competitiveness in this sales channel, I have also significantly lowered the costs of advertisement in traditional means, which means the business’ profitability has clearly increased.

I authorize this information to be disclosed by the company Cornerstone LA, in its site and for the benefit of their next clients.


Rosa Avendaño


I, Luis Gándara Barrios, Legal Representative of NEFEX S.A., hereby state I hired the services of Internet marketing with the company Cornerstone LA from USA, since the month of August of 2007. It has provided me a significant growth in terms of contacts and leads I get by this mean.

Luis Gándara Barrios

Legal Representative

Nefex S.A.

I Eduardo Talciani, Manager of TALCIANI Y BASUALDO LIMITADA, certify having hired the company Cornerstone LA, on December 2007 for our campaign for Internet marketing and search engines visibility specifically in GOOGLE, and this work has caused an important increase of our traffic in the Web site and our leads by Internet.”

Eduardo Talciani Sanhueza

RP/Talciani y Basualdo Ltda.

We address you to thank you for the services rendered to our company as the results have been excellent in a short period of time, even better than we expected.

With no further consideration and willing to keep counting on your services, greets you


Daniel Salomón R.

Commercial Manager

Juan Happy y Cía S.A. – Metalurgica Winter S.A.

It pleases me to inform you about how positive the service is by these means. It is giving me better results every time, I see there’s an excellent sales potential for my company, I hope we continue increasing our sales as we have done.


Juan Gallardo Alvarez

Tires Plus

I had many doubts about the effectiveness of businesses by these means but since I was contacted by Cornerstone LA and their reasons about increasing our clients and be known and visible in the market at an international level made us think on the possibility of dealing with some hesitation about the effectiveness of the contacts.

The attention this company provides is magnificent, they take care of any doubt or any change we have to do to the campaign with no objection at all unless we are mistaken and they let us know it with solid arguments and absolute knowledge.

Local and people from some other countries who are interested in our programs have contacted our institute LEARN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES with offices in Cali, Bogotá and Medellin, they are interested in learning about us and we have a large data base but that’s not it, we have already enrolled new clients.


Orlando C. Mendoza P.

Director of Advertisement


We inform you that after three months of having started to deal with you, we have received several requests and questions from people and the messages asking for information are increasing every day. We think we have great possibilities of growth as we have found potential clients in our country.


We would like to congratulate you for the effectiveness of your work in promoting our web site. After two years of business relations with your company, we would like to inform you that your Internet marketing campaign has allowed us to reach the highest volume of registered sales since we opened our doors to business.
Among other positive results, we would like to point out that our business has obtained great exposure reaching several regions of the country, including the very competitive market of Caracas, which has allowed us to increase our competitive advantage in prices and professional efficient service to our clients.
Compared with other marketing and advertising media, your internet solutions present the best cost-benefit relation.

Roberto Fundaro
General Manager
Santa Clara Marmoles y Granito