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Sponsored Links

Sponsored Links

Our company creates, manages and/or optimizes your campaigns of sponsored links or pay per click. Our experience ensures effective campaigns, more effective clicks and better conversion rates; maximum optimization of your budget for best possible results.

Sponsored Links

Sponsored Links – Pay Per Click

The Ads you see on the right hand of your screen or the upper part of the Organic Results in the search engines are generally named sponsored links.

These links work by means of a system of bidding on key words, and it is paid by every click from the users to the Ad, therefore many refer to these Ads campaigns as pay per click, this takes your business to be immediately visible in the search engines.

Add a optimized sponsored links campaign to your search engine visibility campaign in the organic results with the budget you set, this will increase your results.

Let your sponsored links or pay per click campaigns in the hands of experts, this will:

– Save your valuable time or your team’s valuable time and build your business while our specialists manage and boost your campaigns in the search engines to bring more clients to you…More Results!

– Campaign for Search Engine Visibility in organic results + Campaign of Sponsored Links/Pay Per Click = MULTIPLY RESULTS + ACHIEVE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

As a Google Adwords Certified Partner we invite you to review Advertiser Guide: Working with Third Parties