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If the Economy is slow, how can I afford to invest money in search engine visibility and/or sponsored links?


What is the purpose of a campaign in Search Engine Visibility in organic results and/or Sponsored Links for


A: What is Search Engine Visibility in Organic Results?


Q: What are Sponsored Links?


Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of both options, comparing Search Engine Visibility in organic results with Sponsored Links?

Q: How can I measure the effectiveness of my campaigns?

Q: What shall I expect of this type of campaigns of search engine visibility for organic results and/or Sponsored Links?

Q: What’s more effective: a campaign for search engine visibility in organic results and/or Sponsored Links or Traditional Advertisement in other channels?

Q: My company only sells products and/or services locally, not by Internet. Why do I need search engine visibility and/or Sponsored Links?

Q: I do not have a Web Site. Do I need to have one to be able to contract a campaign in search engine visibility on organic results with Cornerstone LA?

Q: I already have a search engine optimized Web page; my page is already being found in the search engines. Why should I use a search engine visibility campaign for organic results from Cornerstone LA?

Q: I have Sponsored Links campaigns my employees and/or I directly handle; why should I hire Cornerstone LA?